Bamboo Cosmetic/Essential Oil Bottle

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10ml cosmetic/essential oil bottles

- Roller ball is 10ml (98mmx20mm) with bamboo shell/cap and clear glass inner lip. Bottle features a metal roller ball plug which can be removed for easy refill. Glass vial is non-removable.

- Spray bottle is 10ml (85.2mmx30.48mm)with bamboo shell and clear glass bottle. Twist top of bamboo shell to reveal spray top and twist top down when not in-use. Bottle can be completely removed from bamboo shell for easy refill. 

Bottles come blank and free of any logo, text or decal. Engraving not included.

*GF settings used: medium draft board. Remove crumb tray and place boards in bed of machine (approx. 3) until it reaches appropriate height. Place bottle on boards centered directly under camera, set focus and engrave.