Wine and Cheese Bundle

Bundle includes:

- 1 Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

- 1 Laserable Leatherette Wine Bag

*ENGRAVING NOT INCLUDED! Cheese Board, Knives + Wine Bag will arrive blank, ready for you to customize/engrave! Suggested retail price for engraved board, knives & wine bag = $65!

Posted settings are recommendations only. For best results it is recommended you attempt a small test area before moving forward with a larger design. Results may vary on each machine due to a variety of factors such as machine type, age, and maintenance.

Thunder Nova 51/100: Wine Bag = 800/18/300 LPI (2 passes). Cheese Board/Knives: 400/40/635 LPI. No masking required, clean with LA Awesome after engraving. 

Monogram Wreath File: