Leopard Wooden Beads Wristlet Blank - Faux Leather Tassel

Wooden beads wristlet with faux leather tassel and wood pendant. Wristlet is adorned with gold keyring and lobster claw clasp. Wood beads come engraved with leopard print design.

- Wristlet is made of a stretchy elastic band strung with 16mm wooden beads

- Engrave-able round wood pendant is approximately 2”

- Wristlet/pendant are free of any text, logo or brand.

- Laser safe and ready to be customized with a laser engraving machine (ex: Glowforge).

*Beads/round disk are made from genuine Chinese cherry wood. Small imperfections/flaws are to be expected and considered normal. Clasp/keyring configuration may vary and is easily changeable. 


Posted settings are recommendations only. Results may vary on each machine due to a variety of factors such as machine type, age, and maintenance.

Glowforge: medium draft board preset

60 Watt: 290/35/300 lpi