Green Sandalwood Folding Beard Comb

Fine tooth folding comb made from high quality 100% Natural Green Sandalwood. Because it is made fromGreen Sandalwood,the color of the comb will differ and will change from yellowish to greenish as time passes. Comb also has a natural unique, soft, sweet-woody aroma. Keep away from heat/sun light.

Approx. dimensions: 7 x 1.25 x .50” (folded length 4”)

*DISCLAIMER: white fibers on the comb may exist and are considered normal. Per manufacture, this folding combs is made of 100% natural green sandalwood whch is packed with beneficial sandalwood oil and organic matter. Since the organic matter in green sandalwood cannot volatilize, it will form a crystal clear flocculent crystalline substance on the surface of the wood. These flocculent crystalline substances can be wiped off. This is also the special way to distinguish between true and false green sandalwood.