About Us

Hello, I am Whitnee, founder of KW Custom Creations 2. I am a wife and stay at home mother to two wonderful little boys. Making sure I could stay home with my babies has always been my goal in life; however, like many of you, I wanted to find a way to contribute to my family. 

After doing some research, I purchased a Glowforge CO2 laser in 2020. After receiving my laser, I began looking for quick, easy items to engrave to turn a profit and noticed it was difficult to find “blanks” at a fair price. There was an obvious void and need for quality, blank items for crafters to purchase, engrave and resell. KW Custom Creations 2 was created to do just that!

KW Custom Creations 2 started very small and was run out of the closet under the stairs in our home. The business quickly outgrew this space and was moved to our garage. KW Custom Creations 2 now occupies a commercial warehouse space in College Station, TX. In addition to myself, my husband and our two kiddos, we also have two awesome employees who keep our business running smoothly. 

KW Custom Creations 2 is now well known within the laser community as a reputable blanks supplier. If you have ordered from us before, thank you for your continued support. If you are a new customer, we hope to do business with you soon!