DISCONTINUED: Glass Tumbler w/Silicone Sleeve + Bamboo Lid/Straw

20oz glass tumbler with silicone protective sleeve and bamboo lid/straw. Each tumbler (w/sleeve, lid + straw) comes individually wrapped in a white box. ENGRAVING NOT INCLUDED!

Protective silicone sleeves make the glass perfect for outdoor use. Glass tumbler is compatible with many types of liquid such as cold/hot water, milk and other popular beverages.


- 100% Borosilicate Glass (odor-free, stain-free + clean tasting) 

- Real friction-fit bamboo lid (not leak-proof when tumbler is tipped)

- All parts are BPA/BPS Free

- Glass tumbler is top-rack dishwasher safe (bamboo lid/straw and silicone sleeve are NOT dishwasher safe). Do not microwave, do not freeze.

Removable silicone sleeve, bamboo lid and bamboo straw can be customized with a laser engraving machine. 

Approx. 20oz Tumbler Size: 73 x 175mm (73 x 185mm with lids)


Caring for bamboo straw/lid to help prevent mold:

1. All you need is to rinse them out under the tap after everyday use or shake in a jar of warm soapy water if you like. Every month or so, you can boil a pot of vinegar water mix and soak the straws for a few mins if you want a super thorough clean! Always let your bamboo straws dry fully. They dry very quickly!

2. Dry them flat - not standing up - so that water does not collect at the bottom.
3. Store your straws in a well-ventilated place, and never in air-tight containers or jars.


Glowforge: uncertified material 700/90/670 or 600/75/675 lpi. Jiffy corn bread box makes a cheap easy filler to hold the sleeve in place while engraving! Just remove the crumb tray and place the box w/sleeve in the bed of the Glowforge!

Mira 9 90 watt: 400/40/604 lpi

Thunder Nova 35/80: 400/40/604 lpi

Scrub silicone sleeve with a toothbrush, water and dawn dish soap after engraving and you are good to go!

As far as taking the silicone sleeve on and off the glass tumbler, water and a little dish soap goes a long way and makes this process super easy!