Silicone Bento Box

100% food grade silicone bento style lunch box

  • Includes 3 compartments
  • Walls and lid are sturdy and structured, not thin/flimsy
  • Unbreakable + leak resistant design
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven + freezer safe!
  • BPA, PVC and BPS free

Approx. Size: 7.28 X 5.32 x 2.36”

Capacity: 750ML

SGS-CSTC No. CANML2007458401

 Thunder Nova 51/100: 400/40/635 LPI. Scrub WELL with LA Awesome and/or Dawn Dish Soap to remove char/white residue. 

Glowforge: 600/75/675 1 pass and set focus