Silicone Waterproof Bag

Waterproof silicone bag with sturdy hang loop. Silicone has a matte, textured finish, is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Silicone material is flexible, not rigid; however, it holds shape. Perfect for toiletries and make-up. Bag also doubles as an all-weather essential bag. Take it camping, boating or to the beach. Can also be used as a first-aid/medical bag. Please note, silicone material is waterproof; however, the bag is not watertight. 

Approximate dimensions: 25×13×10cm

Bag is 100% silicone and laser ready/safe. NOT LASER SAFE: zipper and zipper pull.


Posted settings are recommendations only. Results may vary on each machine due to a variety of factors such as machine type, age, and maintenance.

Thunder 51/100: Place one of our tumbler boxes in the bag and clamped down the sides. This worked great holding the shape during engraving. Settings: 300/20/799 air assist off, 2 passes

Glowforge: Take out crumb tray and put bag on 2 1/4 inches pieces of wood. Take a large binder clip and clip down the 4 edges. You can use 700/90/225 lpi or 600/75/675 lpi (uncertified material).