Birch Cover Spiral Notebook

Natural birch plywood cover spiral notebook. Each cover is approx. 1/8” raw wood. Front and back cover can be stained, painted, engraved or cut. ENGRAVING NOT INCLUDED!

- A5, 60 lined inner pages

- Notebook can be refilled by unravelling the double wire binding coils

- Approx. cover size:  6” x 8.5”

- One piece black paper included. This will show through the cover if you choose to “cut” a design (ex: “mama” bear notebook). Cover can also be engraved (see highland cow notebook).


Posted settings are recommendations only. Results may vary on each machine due to a variety of factors such as machine type, age, and maintenance.

Glowforge: medium draft board preset

60 Watt:290/35/300 lpi

Mira 9 90 watt: 250/40/254 lpi