DISCONTINUED: Wooden Beads Bracelet

Wooden bead bracelet

- Bracelet is made of a stretchy elastic band strung with 10mm wooden beads

- Engrave-able round wood pendant is approx. 1.5"

- Bracelet/pendant are free of any text, logo or brand. Engraving not included.

- Laser safe and ready to be customized with a laser engraving machine (ex: Glowforge). 

*GF settings used: medium draft board preset on the “be kind” bracelet and 750/FULL/225 lpi on the “mom”bracelet. These settings are to be used as a starting point and are not guaranteed to work with every SVG as some engrave deeper than others. While the higher power/setting can give you more of a contrast in the engraving, it can also cut through the string on the beaded bracelets. If the setting used does not engrave dark enough, many people have been using a wood stain. Also, these bracelets are stretchy; however, they are not meant to be stretched around a jig. If you choose to use a jig for engraving, do so at your own risk as it may cause the string to become weak and break.

DISCLAIMER: Bracelet is made from genuine wood, small imperfections/flaws are to be expected and considered normal.