⛄️ SNOWMAN Wooden Bead Wristlet - Suede Tassel

Wooden beads wristlet with suede tassel and pendant. Wristlet is adorned with silver keyring and clip. 

- Wristlet is made of a stretchy elastic band strung with 16mm wooden beads

- Engrave-able round wood pendant is approximately 2”

- Wristlet/pendant are free of any text, logo or brand.

- Laser safe and ready to be customized with a laser engraving machine (ex: Glowforge).

*Recommended GF settings: medium draft board preset + apply dark walnut wood stain to pendant. Wipe excess stain from pendant with baby wipe or wet cloth.

*Beads/round disk are made from genuine Chinese cherry wood. Small imperfections/flaws are to be expected and considered normal.